All-in-One POS

Correct cash management is one of the main challenges for businesses. Doing it properly makes a difference in sales and benefits, as well as in brand and reputation. 

All-in-One POS is a self installable and easy to use solution for your hospitality and retail market as a Cafes, Restaurants, Pubs, Greengrocers, Butcheries, Bakeries, Kiosks, Supermarkets, Boutique textiles,...  All-in-ONE touch screen is water and dust proof (IP66), resists accidental spills of liquids, dust and grease. System offers graphical visualization of your product families, having different pricelist for your terrace and bar or diferent tarrifs between different dates.  All-in-One POS is ideal solution in the combination with the CASHGEAR or CASHGEAR+.

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ProductoAll-in-One POS
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All-in-One POS

Good solution for your cash management in your retail stores. Device offers you graphical visualization of product families or have different permissions per seller. Another usable option is aslo to have separated price lists: e.g. bar, terrace... or either different tarifs and offers between dates. All-in-one POS has also the features of sales on hold, reports and statistics, cash closing and control, connection with kitchen printers, list of Items with the modifiers. Big advantage is that the system can be used for timeclock control of the employees, your stock control of the goods/food,... or either you can connect the All-in-One POS with the barcode reader or a scale in your market.

All-in-One POS is self installable and easy to use


15 " Touchscreen with adjustable angle.Water and dirt-tight (IP66).

Internal Harddrive 64 GB SSD.

Connectivity: Integrated Wireless Lan/ Gigabit RJ-45 (LAN)  / 3 USB & 1 USB front

Receipt printer. 

Customer display

Aluminium housing

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