ALUPROFI 40 AM Gateway - Mono & Transmitter

ACE Aluprofi 40 Gateway is a retail security solution working on reliable AM technology. ACE System has a built-in controller, thus making it easier to install the Security Antenna.

This specific model can act either as Transmitter (TX) or Mono Antenna (Single). If functioning as Transmitter, a Receiver is required to connect the retail alarm system.

Remote access via Internet (optional):
1) Customer counting to optimize store efficiency and plan worker schedules
2) Remote support - check if gateways are working and remotely carry out tuning

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Detalles Técnicos
ProductoALUPROFI 40 AM Gateway - Mono & Transmitter
Peso (kg)13
Alarm sound decibel85 dB
Voltage110 V - 220 V
EAS TechnologyAM (58 kHz)
Controller UnitBuilt-in
Adecuado paraElectrónica, Moda, Supermercado, Ferretería, Caza / Pesca, Óptica, Farmacia, Juguetería
Tipo de antenaTransmisor
InstalaciónSolo por personal calificado
Jammer DetectionYes
Max. Distance - Mono (cm)120
Max. Distance - Dual (cm)240
Maximum Distance Coverage120 (Mono) / 240 (Dual) cm
Booster Bag DetectionOpcional
Customer CountingOptional
Altura - Exterior (mm)1530
Anchura - Exterior (mm)387
Profundidad - Exterior (mm)62
EntregaContactar para el plazo de entrega

Reliable and Secure Alarm System

ACE Aluprofi 40 Gateways is an affordable option to secure your store against theft using the highly reliable AM Technology. The dark aluminum surface can either be left uncovered or covered with commercial banner. For narrow doors, it is even possible to use a single antenna - and for wider doors, more antennas can simply be added. 

This specific Antenna can be configured either as the Transmitter (RX) or Mono Antenna (Single). If it acts as the Transmitter, It requires at least 1 more Antenna that acts as the Receiver (RX). The Receiver is available on our web-sie. ACE Aluprofi series does not require a separate controller unit, as it is already in-built. 

AM Ace system includes jammer detection to prevent thieves from blocking the system while attempting to leave the store with stolen items.

AM Technology

Acousto-Magnetic Technology is highly cost-effective combined with a high detection ability of the labels and tags. AM technology is particularly suitable for items that contain metal such as electronics or clothing accessories. With a good resistance to interference and intuitive software diagnostics, AM Controller provides an advanced software-driven system capable of excellent detection of 58 kHz labels and tags.

Easy Installation

AM ACE system does not require a separate controller unit, which makes it easy to install and more cost effective. Each master transmitter gateway can support up to two additional receivers. You can secure up to two aisles with one system using the AM ACE as a single Mono system in a checkout configuration. This solution is particularly suitable for stores with limited space at entrances and exits.

Remote Support

Remote maintenance via internet is available for long-distance support. That makes troubleshooting much more effective than systems without this kind of advanced diagnotics and remote access. Retail stores can also benefit from the StoreMonitor data management functionality, which automatically sends relevant system data to the customer’s online account.

Metal Detection (optional)

To reduce loss due to booster bag theft or unauthorized tag removal, you can upgrade your shoplifting prevention with Metal and Magnet Detection detection. An inbuilt or standalone Visitor Counter system is also available.

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