Convex Mirror - Acrylic - Rectangular - 40x60 cm

Security mirrors are an efficient and maintenance-free supplement to video surveillance and EAS. This convex security mirror is available in 40x60 cm.

Our convex mirrors are easy to install and adjust. They come complete with a specially designed flexible wall-arm fixing inclusive of four screws and raw plugs. By combining the flexible wall-arm and the unique ball joint it is extremely easy to adjust the mirror in any desirable position.

Examples of use:

Shop: A convex mirror can prevent shoplifting in real time by working as a crime deterrent mechanism and help staff feel safe by providing a full view of the store.
Hospitals and Schools: By monitoring corners and across hallways you can improve the safety of patients as well as students and teachers.
Prison: A prison security mirror provides an improved overview by eliminating blind spots in halls to improve the vigilance of inmates.

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Detalles Técnicos
ProductoConvex Mirror - Acrylic - Rectangular - 40x60 cm
Altura - Exterior (mm)400
Anchura - Exterior (mm)600
Distancia de visualización10
MarcoBlanco, Negro
ModeloConvex Mirror - Rectangular
EntregaContactar para el plazo de entrega
Adecuado paraElectrónica, Moda, Supermercado, Ferretería, Óptica, Farmacia, Juguetería, Escuelas / Instituciones, Comercio, Oficina
Material de montajeSoporte flexible incluido

Shop Mirror - Rectangular 40x60 cm

A sleek mirror for shop and store to provide a much better outlook. 

How to use it

Shop surveillance mirrors can be used as an efficient and maintenance-free supplement to video surveillance and EAS.
This small convex mirror (40x60 cm) will help you and your employees monitor specific aisles and areas of your store.


Adjusting the convex mirrors angle is the key to targeting specific shop areas.
An extension wall arm, offered by SafeGear, can be a useful tool when ensuring that your convex mirror is not in contact with a wall.
The extension adds to the adjustable quality of the mirrors, making for more effective targeting of areas

Viewing distance

This shop mirror has an indicative visibility range, depending on objects and light:

- Clear mirror image (text, etc): 8 meters

- Persons or vehicles in motion: 10 meters

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