Height Adjustable Desk - ASISTO - 80 x 160 cm

Height Adjustable desk T 3300 ASISTO will ideally fit in the offices and architect bureaus, where employees are  spending their working days sitting.

These standing/sitting office desks have a flat desk surface, enough leg room which allows employees to stand up comfortably while working.

Height AdjustableT 3300 ASISTO office desks’ legs are created from high quality steel.

These adjustable desks come with foldable frame, which makes it easy to transport. 

T 3300 ASISTO office desks have adjustable leg heights, which makes these desks ergonomic.

The top of desk surface is available in different colors.

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ProductoHeight Adjustable Desk - ASISTO - 80 x 160 cm
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Height Adjustable Office Desk - T3300 ASISTO

Ergonomic and flexible desk 

Sit/stand T 3300 ASISTO desks give enough leg room thanks to various options in the height adjustments. This height adjustable desk promotes a comfortable workstation for the employee no matter the size of the worker.

Into T 3300 ASISTO office desks you can also make a hole in order to hide cables if it is necessary. It allows to minimize the visible length of the cables and makes the workstation visually attractive.

Configuration options

These office desks are made from Dekor Platten material. Dekor Platten material is water and moisture resistant, which means it is waterproofed.

The color of the desk top surface is available in different colors - White, Light Grey, Royal Maple. The office desksT 3300 ASISTO allow customer to choose not only the color of top surface, but also  the right frame design: round- or square-tube. 

Our customer taste is all that matters!

Key facts 

  • T 3300 ASISTO is more than just a desk
  • Office Desk load capacity up to max. 100 kg
  • Available in 3 attractive frame colors
  • Electromotive height adjustable (40 mm per second)
  • Height Adjustable Desk leg frame is made of sturdy steel rectangular tube
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