Einsatzdeposit Special with internal safe

Einsatzdeposit Special is the Deposit Safe with an internal compartment.

The front door is secured by a professional electronic Axessor USB Lock with many specific features such as Duress (silent) Alarm, Log (audit) , multiple users.

Internal safe is secured by EPASS electronic lock which increases the insurance value of your inner safe.

The deposit drawer is very user friendly and does not allow "fishing" for values. It allows to deposit Cash, Keys and other Valuables by placing them into the pull-out drawer that drops the values into the safe box. Below the internal safe are two extra shelves which are offering comfort to store more valuables (cash registers,... ) in separated places Ideal for Retail Stores, supermarkets or any other commercial activity with a high collection of cash.

The safe comes in Light Grey (RAL 7024), as shown in the picture.

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Detalles Técnicos
ProductoEinsatzdeposit Special with internal safe
ColorGris grafito (RAL 7024)
Recomendado paraDinero en efectivo, Documentos, Soportes informáticos
Peso (kg)100
Grado de seguridadSin homologación
Resistencia al fuegoSin aislamiento térmico
CerraduraCerradura electrónica
Tipo de cerraduraKaba Axessor USB
Tipo de pila y apertura de emergenciaAA
Número de estantes2 estantes ajustables
Volumen (litros)41
Altura - Exterior (mm)660
Anchura - Exterior (mm)490
Profundidad - Exterior (mm)480
Profundidad incl. mango (mm)500 
Altura - Interior (mm)240 
Anchura - Interior (mm)430 
Profundidad - Interior (mm)400 
Apertura de puerta - altura432
Apertura de puerta - anchura355
Ángulo de apertura de la puerta90 Grados - Bisagras Internas
Grosor de la pared3
AnclajeSuelo, Pared
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