Trident 110 - Burglary Test Grade III and 60 min Fire Resistance - Key lock

Trident is a series of burglary protected and fire resistand valuables safes.

These safes are perfect for protecting your valuables such as documents, cash and other valuables.

Burglary certifications in Grades III-IV (ECB-S) and Fire proctection for up to 60 minutes (SP).

The safe can be bolted to the floor and wall (bolting kit included) Available with key lock or electronic lock.

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  • Previene del acceso parcial durante 80 min y total 120 min. Apto para armas cortas.
  • Internal temp. lower 150ºC during 60 min with external temp. above 945ºC

Detalles Técnicos
ProductoTrident 110 - Burglary Test Grade III and 60 min Fire Resistance - Key lock
ModeloTrident 110 - Burglary Test Grade III and 60 min Fire Resistance - Key lock
SerieRG Trident
ColorIgual que en la imagen
Tipo de caja fuerteAutónoma o de sobreponer
Recomendado paraDinero en efectivo, Documentos, Objetos de valor, Soportes informáticos
Peso (kg)540
Grado de seguridadGrado III
Normativa de certificaciónEN 1143-1
Resistencia al fuego60 minutos
Certificación ignífugaNT Fire 017 - 60 Paper
Centro de certificación - ignífugoSP Sweden (ECB•S Certified)
CerraduraCerradura de llave
Número de estantes1 estante ajustable
Volumen (litros)111
Altura - Exterior (mm)790
Anchura - Exterior (mm)730
Profundidad - Exterior (mm)560
Altura - Interior (mm)620 
Anchura - Interior (mm)560 
Profundidad - Interior (mm)320 
Ángulo de apertura de la puerta180 Grados - Bisagras Externas
Anchura - Puerta abierta 180 grados1420
Profundidad - Puerta abierta en 90 grados1205
Posición de las bisagrasRight Side (Standard) - Left hinges without surcharge
AnclajeSuelo, Pared

Trident 110 - 111 Liters - Key lock 

The Trident safe is a valuables safe that is perfect for protecting you valuables. It is available in different sizes and it's interior is adjustable to your wishes. Great for offices and private homes, for storage of documents, cash and other valuables.

Certified in burglary Grade III and fire protection in 60 minutes.

The Trident is certified in burglary protection in Grades III. Certified by ECB-S in accordance with the European standard, EN 1143-1.

In addition to this the Trident safe is also certified in fire protection for up to one hour.

The Trident safe is also protected against explosives in Grades III EX.

Key facts

There are multiple models for each grades with different capacities.

Allows full access to the safe's contents because of the door that opens 90°.

The Trident is available with the door hung on the right or the left.

Prepared to be based fixed (5 fixing holes) or wall fixed (1 back fixing hole). Anchoring kit included.

Lock options

The safe is available with a key lock, combination lock and electronic locks.

Configuration options

The Trident safe offers a range of interior fittings: shelf, shelf for hanging files, extendable lockable drawer and lockable compartment.

Other additional option is a DOCT alarm system with built-in shock, therman and seismic detection sensors.Available in two levels: standard risk and high risk.

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If you have questions about finding the right configuration for your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. *You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

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