Zeus 14 - laptop safe (16 laptops) - Code Lock

The Zeus safe series are burglary protected and fire resistant computer safes.

These safes are ideal for protecting your laptops and other valuables in your office or at school.

The Zeus safe is a double-walled steel cabinet, insulated with fire resistant materials (DIN 4102 standard).

The safe door is closed at the top, bottom and front with steel bolts ( Ø 25 mm).

Each shelf has a socket with 12 plugs to connect your laptop chargers.

The Zeus series can be personalized to your needs, with shelves without dividers, hanging file extension, pull-out shelves, lockable box ect.

Manufactured and Tested in Germany.

The safe is available in Graphite Grey (RAL 7016), Light Grey (RAL 7035) and Jet Black (RAL 9005).

This safe is with a electronic lock. Available also with key lock.

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Detalles Técnicos
ProductoZeus 14 - laptop safe (16 laptops) - Code Lock
Modelo Zeus Laptop Safe
SerieZeus - Caja Fuerte para portátiles, perfecto para el almacenamiento de portátiles y otros bienes en oficinas y escuelas.
ColorIgual que en la imagen
Tipo de caja fuerteAutónoma o de sobreponer
Recomendado paraOrdenadores portátiles y tabletas
Peso (kg)115
Resistencia al fuegoAtérmico
Certificación ignífugaNone
CerraduraCerradura electrónica
Tipo de cerraduraM-Locks EM2020 / BR5010 - 1 administrador y 1 código de usuario - Time Delay 1-99 min - Certificado según VdS-Klasse 2, EN 1300-B, IMP, ECB-S, SBSC
Tipo de pila y apertura de emergencia9 V, Las pilas pueden reemplazarse desde el exterior
Número de estantes2 estantes ajustables
Volumen (litros)343
Capacidad - Portátiles16 portátiles con carga
Charging - LaptopsCharging
Altura - Exterior (mm)1200
Anchura - Exterior (mm)930
Profundidad - Exterior (mm)520
Profundidad incl. mango (mm)585 
Altura - Interior (mm)1.035 
Anchura - Interior (mm)830 
Profundidad - Interior (mm)400 
Apertura de puerta - altura1035
Apertura de puerta - anchura830
Ángulo de apertura de la puerta180 Grados - Bisagras Internas
Tipo de puertaPuertas dobles
Estructura de bulonesEn 3 costados (Ø 25 mm)
Posición de las bisagras2 Puertas
Construcción de la puertaDoble capa de acero

Computer safe with fire insulation, burglary protection and in-built charging system

Zeus provides safe storage for laptops and other valuables. Ideal solution to store laptops in offices, schools, etc.

Fire Insulation according to DIN 4102

Zeus computer safes are insulated with fire resistant materials according to DIN 4102 (German industrial standard), which improves the fire safety of your valuables. Additionally, the door is secured against fire gasses and firefighting water due to an all-round fire seal. Please note that a fire insulation is slightly less secure against fire than a fire test (available with 30 min, 60 min, 90 min or 120 min). A fire insulation is considered sufficient in most companies but if your company is subject to special requirements, please see our tested fire safes.

Security cabinet for safe storage

Zeus computer safes are constructed from a double-walled steel cabinet that is insulated with heat-resistant materials.
The door securely locks with steel bolts (Ø 25 mm) at the top, bottom and side. The door opens 180 degrees for easy to access your valuables.
The door handle protrudes about 60 mm, which should be added to the depth of the safe.

Lock Options

Available with either key lock or electronic code lock (tested according to EN 1300):
• Double bit key lock (90 mm).
• Electronic lock. Professional lock where the battery can be changed externally so that you can easily change the battery if needed.

Configuration Options

You can personalize the Zeus series for your specific needs with shelves without dividers to make a space for different valuables, pull-out shelves, lockable box etc.
Standard colour: Light Grey (RAL 7035). Other RAL colours upon request at an extra cost.

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If you have questions about finding the right configuration for your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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Please note that the product pictures show the safe series but not necessarily the specific safe you're looking at. You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

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