Twin Checkout - Acrylic - Rectangular

The TWIN Checkout mirror is a convex security mirror for theft prevention. Suitable for retail shop checkouts.

The TWIN System ensures that the cash-register gate is efficiently monitored by using a top mirror (60 x 60 cm) and a counter mirror (14 x 20 cm). The top mirror is hanging from the ceiling which allows to see the shopping cart without being noticeable to the customer. The cashier is using the small mirror to see the reflection of the top.

This mirror allows the cashier to improve the visibility of products which are in customers trolley. The counter mirror can be fixed to any kind of surface making it extremely easy to mount. 


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ProductoTwin Checkout - Acrylic - Rectangular
Altura - Exterior (mm)600
Anchura - Exterior (mm)600
Peso (kg)1
Mirror SeriesEl espejo MIRAC Twin es un espejo de seguridad que permite al cajero mirar el carro u otros puntos ciegos desde el espejo que cuelga del techo.
Adecuado paraSupermercado, Ferretería
Material de montajeSoporte flexible incluido

TWIN Checkout 

This anti-theft security mirror will ideally fit for any retail shops checkout. The TWIN Checkout mirror includes the top and the counter mirror. This retail mirror gives an excellent image quality allowing your employee to ease the check of customers' cart and avoid theft.

The small mirror is placed right next to the shop assistant so that he/she can look right into a bigger mirror hanging from the ceiling and thereby look into the shopping cart of the customer. The TWIN System ensures that the cash-register gate is efficiently monitored by using both a top mirror and a counter mirror.

The top Mirror (60 x 60 cm) is made from acrylic material and weighs less than 1 kg. It can be fixed to any kind of ceiling and it is extremely easy to mount.

The Counter Mirror (14 x 20 cm) should be placed near the cash register for the cashier to look in. This cashier mirror can be adjusted for the employee to see the inside of clients trolley.
It is supplied with an adjustable arm fixing to perfectly adapt to any cash-register and store design.

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